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RRK-H-03 -
Here is a reissue of the Home Garage kit. I created a smaller base and
  redid all the molds.
 I can remember these garages when I was a kid full of old junk
  and cob webs. I added all the interior for you all you have to do is paint it and
  some minor assembly. The base was cut down in size still nice detail as you can
  see in the pictures below. All you need to to do is add your favorite car and you
  are good to go. The kit is designed to be a single car garage behind a house
  that lets out into the alley behind the house. You can see the trash cans in the
  alley. If that does not work for your knock down the fences and have a stand
  alone garage. A lot of different things you can do with this one. The car in
  pictures below is not included. Will make another home garage with peaked
  roof in the future.  The base measures 3 3/4" by 2 3/4".

Price is $20.00.





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