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          Craftsman Kits and castings in HO and O Scale                                                                                                                       C               

              Here are some of my favorite links to hobby shops and hobby consultants that can help


                                     BTS - great models and Bill is super to work with. Bill's company has a great line of kits.
                                               Bill did the laser cutting for our first kit the Fulton Market.

             DeBenLLC Publications & Products - great weathering products that I use all the time and highly recommend. Dr. Bens products.

   Fine Scales Miniatures - this link will show what's next for  George Sellios fantastic model

            Fine Trains - You need to check out this great model building business. They come up with some
                            unique one of a kinds products. They also will custom build kits etc for you. Here is
                            the web page at

            First in Scaled Miniature Trees (FSMTrees) Our Sagebrush tree armatures are stand-alone
                                              realistic oak trees or add tree foliage for superb model tree scenery.
                                              We are your number one supplier for Sagebrush Miniature Trees.
                                              Some have knarly twisted trunks and knots that look like a real natural
                                              miniature tree. These Scaled Miniature Trees are natural pieces of real
                                              wood Armatures for model train layout or diorama. Quality trees for all
                                              scales, N, HO, HOn30, S, O. with delicate realistic branching.

           Outback Model Company - You need to check this site out full of ideas and great modeling. The creator
                                                         /owner is Laurie Green. They will have some new kits hitting the market soon.
                                                         Just take some time to cruse the site the work and pictures are the best.

        Sierra Scale Models - Make sure you check out this site. Not only a bunch of great products to help
                                        your layout, but great service and support.


 Weathering Video - Darryl Huffman offers a complete line of weathering videos.  Darryl's videos
                                      features weathering techniques for the new modeler and for the experienced
                                      model builder as well.  Standard methods used by model builders around the
                                      world are shown, plus new techniques developed by the author are included.