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     News Letter March 2011

    Hi Folks,

    Here is this months creations for your layout.

   Here are some of the new castings for the O scale group.


   Here is a casting of an old shay  bone yard that could fit in the woods behind the engine house. You
   get the idea. Check out all the detail on this one. I tried different rust methods on this junk pile. So you
   can let you imagination run wild.


   Now the next casting is a car load of shay parts going to the scrap yard. This load fits in a Bachmann
   gondola like or other car loads. Check out the detail and the pictures below.



   For the O scale folks here is the open shed back we made new molds. So it is back in stock.



   Here are some of the castings from last month the old abandoned Caboose the HO group liked this
   casting last month I made on for the O scale group. Check out all the detail and  the roof is removable.

  Here is a new junk pile that will fit anywhere. A lot of detail in this one. As you can see in one of the
  pictures below it fits in the back on one of my new trucks just right.



   Now here is a new casting for the HO group and I may make more of these depending on how this
   one sells. The concept is a rail car bone yard like the the train bone yard casting that we make. If we
   make more of them you could connect them together.


  Also new for the HO group are some small work benches. You get three work benches. Check out
  the detail on these guys.



   For the HO guys last  month I made new molds for the single car garage. I had a lot of people asking
   when the garage would be available to purchase again. So here it is back in stock.



    Also I'm selling my FSM collection since since I'm committed to  ON30 scale. I only have the
    current jewel kits up on the site now and will add some of  the older ones later. So you can check
    those out at FMS for Sale   

    What's on the Workbench

   Been working on my layout getting the mining town finished. Here are some shots more to come
    as it progresses.

   Also working on a HO version of the CAT 30.

    Here is a little tip when working with Rusty Rail castings. If a casting is warped or you want to
    change an items appearance use a hair dryer. Hold the item under the heat and in 30 seconds
    or depending on how hot your hair dryer is,  you can remove the item from the heat and start
    to shape that item. Do not put the resin in the oven.

    Another tip working with the castings. If you need to fill an air hole or something of that nature
    I just use spackle in a tube that you can get at your local hardware store. Fill the hole it dries
    quickly. Then light sand and ready for painting.






   Well that's about it for now. If you do not want to be sent this news letter. Send me
   an email at rickanmary@rustyrail.com and I will remove you from the list. Please
   include as much information as you can since the email list has grown and removing
   one person is like a needle in a hay stack.

   And I think I have the kinks worked out on the web page. We are setup for Paypal
   and USPS Money Orders or personal checks. If you want to pay by USPS Money
   Order change the payment type to USPS Money Order and you will receive an invoice
   with your shipping cost and sales tax amount if you live in California.

   Thanks for your Support.  Rick and Mary.