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    RRMA-O-02 - Here is our first large O scale boat. You can check out the pictures below.
    The hull and the upper decks are molded separately. This way you can place the lifeboat
    or other separately parts anywhere you want and can roll your own boat. The pilot house
    is empty with a removable roof so you can add detail and figures if you wish. All the deck
    parts were done on the 3D printer for the masters. The castings of course come unpainted
    and are made of resin. The boat measures 12' long 3" wide at the widest area and 5" tall
    at the smoke stack.  Figures are not included.

Price is $90    



   RRMA-O-01 - Here is our first O scale boat a small rowboat. As you can see you get a
    set of oars. And look how Rusty Rails figure fits right in the boat. The casting measures
    4" long by 1 3/4"  wide and 3/8" tall. All resin casting and comes unpainted. Figure is not

Price is $9     



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