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O Scale Shacks - all castings are sold unpainted  view_cart.gif    

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    RRS-O-11  The new loggers bunkhouse on skids. The HO version sold like hotcakes so I thought we would try
    a O Scale version for you logging camp. The roof is removable and the interior is hollow for you guys that
    want to do an interior. The skids can be removed and it turns into a great bunkhouse for your ranch or
    mining outfit or train crews. Also comes with a set of additional castings to a to the outside of the cabin. Check
    out the tar paper roof detail that is molded in. I usually mold items onto the outside walls of the building, but
    made them  separate this time for you to place. The Saturday night bathtub, a car radiator, and a set of steps
    if you leave the the skids on the cabin and a wood pile and ax in stump. The castings are unpainted. The 
    bunkhouse measures  6 1/2" by 3" by 4" tall. This bunkhouse can be a little diorama by itself. Simple assembly
    is required and instructions for building and painting are included.

Price is $30     



    RRS-O-08  The shack is hollow you assemble the four walls and has a  removable roof. It also comes will
    a positional door, as you can see I left mine ajar. These shacks were made out  of what ever wood and
    used building materials a guy could find. Not a lot of curb appeal but functional. I'm sure the insulation was
    old newspaper. As a bonus you get the shack detail to place anywhere you want around the shack. A metal
    stovepipe is also included. Below are pictures you can check out with and w/o the shack details. This could
    be a hobo shack or at a mining site should be able to fit your needs. The castings are unpainted and the figure
    is not included. The shack measures  3 1/2" by 2 1/4" by 2" tall. This shack can be a little diorama by itself.

Price is $22     


   RRS-O-10 Here is a small shack for the O scale guys. This shack could be for a miners shack or
    loggers would be home in this shack. This is an easy to build model the shack is four walls with a positional
    door and then add the roof that you can make removable as you can see in the pictures below. A metal
    stove pipe is included. A lot of extra detail molded into the shack walls like the work beach and car radiator. 
    The kit also comes with 6 separate castings you can place anywhere around your shack, check the pictures
    below. The castings of course are not painted. The base and the figure are not included. The shack measures
    3" by 2" by 2 1/2" tall. This shack can be a little diorama by itself. Check out the link below to get simple painting
    instructions below that come in the kit.

 CLICK HERE TO GET PAINTING INSTRUCTIONS             Price is $25     

    RRBS-O-19  Then if you want to just buy the extra shack castings only here is your chance. You
    can see the 6 O scale castings. The castings are sold unpainted.

                                                                                                             Price is $6                  



   RRS-O-07 -  Here is a new building that can be used as an a  store, mining office, logging office,
   barber shop and the list goes on. This building is hollow and does require some assemble. The
   building is unpainted. You  will receive a barrel, a trash can and a wood pile as extras. Measures
    5" by 2 1/2" by 4" tall.

  Price is $35     



    RRS-O-06 -  I always  wanted to make a shack in this style with the porch in front.
   I added a bunch of detail to the outside walls (no interior in this one). The pictures
   below shows the detail molded into the walls. You will even see the shack bath tub
   hanging on the back of the shack. This comes with a base the four interlocking walls
   and the the roofs and of course a stone chimney  on the side. I think I will throw in the
   woodpile and the chopping block in nice addition.
All resin casting and comes unpainted.
   the cabin measures 5" by 3 1/2" by 2 3/4" high.   
Price is $28    



 RRS-O-04 - 
This Trapper Cabin I made for my own railroad. I wanted one of those
                                small run down cabins for in the woods. What's cool about this cabin is
                                that you can remove the roof and I have added some detail. Check out
                                the pictures below. The cabin measures 2 3/4" by 2" and is 2 3/4" tall.
                                The casting is several parts and comes unpainted.

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