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        Craftsman Kits and castings in HO and O Scale                                                                                                                       C                                  
              O Scale Workbench Castings - all castings are sold unpainted   
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       RRWB-O-03 Here is the new O scale workbench with a lot of detail. It is designed so you can use the
     workbench parts in different configurations if you want. Max is just in the picture to show you the size
     of the workbench and is not included. So check out the pictures above. Some minor assembly is required
     to put the workbench together. The castings come unpainted and are made of resin. The workbench
     measures 3 1/2" long and 1 7/8" tall and 1"  wide. The cabinet  measure 3/4" square at the base and is
      1 3/4" tall.

 Price is $13    


    RRWB-O-02 This month we have a new work bench for the O scale guys have not made a
    new one of these in a while. The work bench could go inside or outside. This is a two piece
    casting with a separate upper and lower piece. Check out the detail on the work bench and
    under the work bench. Now all you have to do is decide where it is going. The casting
     measures  2 3/4" long by 5/8" by 1" tall and the casting is sold  unpainted. The figure does
     not come with  the castings is for sizing only.

 Price is $10    


    RRWB-O-06 Here is a workbench build on old 55 gal oil drums. Check out the detail on the 
    workbench. You know you have a place for this guy. The workbench measures 2 3/4" long
    by 3/4" wide. All resin  casting and come unpainted.

 Price is $10    


     RRWB-O-01 - Classic old workbench. Length is 2 1/4" and 1 7/8" tall 1/2" deep. 
    All resin casting.

Price is $5




     RRWB-O-07 - Classic old workbench. Length is 3 1/4" and 1/2" deep. All resin casting.
   Price is $7.50 




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