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  O Scale Railroad Car Loads Castings - all castings are sold unpainted  view_cart.gif  
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RRPR-O-01 - Sitting Person a lot of action in the figure. All resin casting and
    comes unpainted.
  The figure
now has positional arms and comes unpainted
 Price  $5   


   RRPR-O-06 - Here is the next figure printed on my new Form 2 printer. Lady with the broom. Boy do I
   need to practice my figure painting skills. She is wearing the normal 1930 everyday work dress of a house
   wife. You will notice the apron that they wore. The broom is separate. I even went back and redid the farmers
   daughter figure which you can see in the picture of the two figures below.  Casting is sold unpainted.   

                                                                                  Price is $6.00.            


   RRPR-O-04 - Here is Bill the tractor driver this guy is in 4 separate pieces you assemble the legs,
   torso and arms you can position him as you wish. Also if have a hairdryer you can heat him up and
   change him how every you want. The casting comes unpainted.           
Price is $6.00.            



    RRPR-O-05 - Here is the first figure from a 3D printer that is a resin printer. I have Form 2 printer coming
   since the normal 3D printer cannot produce this level of detail. This is Susann the farmers daughter, as you
   can see the detail is off the charts even the fingers are separate on the raised hand. You can see the bows
   in back of here apron and of course barefoot since you only wore your good shoes for church on Sunday.
Price is $6.00.            

   RRPR-O-03 - Here is the new figure MAX this tuff guy can go anywhere, so
   check him out. A blacksmith is the next figure.                              
 Price  $5        


   RRPR-O-02 -  Here is the next O scale figure called 'Slim Jim'. This guy can fit
   in anywhere on your layout. The casting comes unpainted.

                                                                                         Making new mold back soon




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