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       Craftsman Kits and castings in HO and O Scale                                                                                                                     C                                 

             HO Scale Car Loads - all castings are sold unpainted  view_cart.gif   

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   RRCL-H-02 - Now here is a new car load casting for the HO group. This casting
   will fit in the Bachmann Gondola. Check out the pictures below a lot of detail. You
   could even cut it up to make your own unique junk pile.
The casting measures
   5 1/2" by 1". All resin casting and comes unpainted.

   Price is $10                    


  RRCL-H-01 - Here are some loads to put in you HO gondola or flat car. You get
  two loads. One load is 3 7/8" by 1" the other load is 3" by 7/8". You can also cut
  them up for junk piles.                                
   Price is $5


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