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   RRLE-H-08 - Here is a another release from the 3D printer. This is a large Electric motor. In
   the pictures above you see one of th CAD drawings for the electric motor that is feed to the
   3D printer. What is really cool you just resize the OBJ file and print it as a larger motor for
   the O scale folks folks. In the picture above you see the completed motor as one piece ready
   to paint. Now you can get some modern power into your shops and mines.
The casting
   is not painted and is made of resin. The motor  measures 1" by 3/4" and is 1 1/8" tall. Minor
   assembly required.

  Price is $5         


   RRLE-H-07 - Here is a item that came off the 3D printer an old hit n miss engine. Would look great in
   your business providing power to your shop or as junk on the side of a building somewhere. Some simple
   assembly is required. The castings of course are not painted. The figure is not included just for you to see
   the size of the item. The engine measures 1" by 1 1/4" by 1" tall.

Price is $5            

      RRLE-H-06 - Here is the kit for the Bates Crawler. You get the castings you see
      above plus a plastic rod for assembly. Measures 11/2" long by 7/8" wide.  All resin
      casting and comes unpainted.     
                                                                                         Price is $10   

      RRLE-H-05 - Here is the assembled kit for the Bates Crawler. Measures 11/2"
      long by 7/8" wide.  All resin casting and comes primer.   
Price is $15

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     RRLE-H-04 - Here is a quick little conversion kit to take the Bachmann Log Skidder
     and make the the model above on the right. The kit contains the skidder bottom and a
     water tank. You need to purchase the Bachmann Log Skidder model to complete the
     conversion. This is so simple to build the skidder you remove from the plastic skidder
     by using a flat head screw driver then a little paint and weathering and there you go Also
     since when you buy them the package comes with two skidders when you buy the
     conversion kit from Rusty Rail you get two conversion kits. Measures 2 1/2" long by
    7/8" wide by 3/4"  tall.  All resin casting and comes unpainted.     
                                                                                                                        Price is $8


   RRLE-H-03 - Also in HO here is a tank on skids that can be used anywhere in a logging
   operation, industrial or a portable fueling station. Notice the hose hooked to the side of
   the tank. The figure does not come with the tank it is just to help you see the tank size.
   All resin casting and comes unpainted. The casting measures 1 1/4" long by 1/2" wide
   and  3/4"  high.  

                                                                                                      Price is $

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