O Scale - RRS-O-11

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    The new loggers bunkhouse on skids. The HO version sold like hotcakes so I thought we would try a O Scale version for you logging camp. The roof is removable and the interior is hollow for you guys that want to do an interior. The skids can be removed and it turns into a great bunkhouse for your ranch or mining outfit or train crews. Also comes with a set of additional castings to a to the outside of the cabin. Check out the tar paper roof detail that is molded in. I usually mold items onto the outside walls of the building, but made them separate this time for you to place. The Saturday night bathtub, a car radiator, and a set of steps if you leave the the skids on the cabin and a wood pile and ax in stump. The castings are unpainted. The bunkhouse measures 6 1/2" by 3" by 4" tall. This bunkhouse can be a little diorama by itself. Simple assembly is required and instructions for building and painting are included.

    Price: $30.00