Customer Gallery

  • Below you will find pictures of Rusty Rail customers that wanted to share pictures of their Rusty Rail castings painted. I hope this will inspire some of you to try new painting techniques. If you would like to add pictures to this Gallery, just send me your pictures and I will get you posted.

    Click images for a closer view

    Here is some great work from Td using Rusty Rails castings. Nice Job.

    These are from Ted Dimore's O gauge.ON30 layout in South Western, CT. Featuring Rusty Rails, figures, structures, scrap piles and vehicle.

    Here are some pictures Doug Coffey layout using Rusty Rails HO boats and other castings. Great job Doug.

    Here is some great work from George Landow. Check out the great harbor scene. Great work.

    Les Davis submitted the following pictures. Les is using O scale castings. Also here is a link to his page check it out great resource page and make sure you checkout Les's project page.

    The following pictures from from Jim Powers who create a great scene from the O scale still.

    The following pictures are from Lars Ringqvist who lives in Sweden check these out.

    The following HO garage is built and painted by Tony Burgess. Check out the hand painted signs great idea.

    The following pictures are from George Millers layout. You can see how George has used the Rusty Rail junk piles.

    Here is some great work from Lowell Ross. Lowell Rusty Rails O scale casting of a 1931 Model A Ford and hollowed it out and removed the engine cowl and added and engine. A lot of work but a beautiful model.

    Here is some great work from John LaBarba. John has taken the HO scale leaning building and has add tar paper over the shingles. Great signage and paint.

    Here is some great work from Scott and Heidi Robertson. You can see there great work and some Rusty Rail Castings in the mix.

    Here is a picture from Jim Shaw's layout.

    Here are some pictures from Clyde Queen. Great work keep it up.

    Here are some pictures from Dave Reed a great diorama check it out.

    Here is a picture of Bob Parrish's great little abandoned Shay. Bob did a great job of blending the casting into the scene.

    Here are some pictures from Mark Grubbs his engine house interior very cool stuff.

    Here are some pictures from Scott Robertson great paint and rusty job on these Rusty Rail Castings.

    Here are some pictures from Richard Ferrara, great scenes that bring his railroad alive.

    Here is some work from Francis Stapleton in the UK. I really like box car and the cab on the porter. I need to do some work on my posters to get rid of the out of the box look. Nice work.

    Here is a truck conversion by Iain McLeod using one of Rusty Rails Conversion kit. Love the buckets on the of the truck nice touch.

    Here is a great scene from Scott Roberson using rusty Rail Donkey Engine very cool.