O Scale - RRTK-O-02

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    Backwoods Logger - Our next truck is a request from customers, a backwoods logging truck. If you are running a logging operation in the 30's or 40's several of these will look natural moving logs around on your back roads. We will make several log loads so if you want more than one truck. Beat up and weathered like the Junk Yard Wrecker truck, held together by spit and bailing wire. Check out the resin cast log load does that look real or what? If you look close you will see the moss on the logs. This truck will be painted black unless you have a special color request.Allow up to two weeks delivery time depending on stock on hand.

    1934 Model BB Pre Build Truck Series - The base truck is a die cast truck that is 1/43 scale. But after our unique resin casting modifications the truck comes into 1/48 scale. Each truck is unique with additional castings of barrels, tools, junk and check out the wood push bumper.
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    RRTK-O-01 Junk Yard Wrecker
    RRTK-O-03 Backwoods Logger - In Service
    RRTK-O-09 Stake Truck with Load

    *All trucks are made with 1/43 scale models unless otherwise specified You will notice a 1/48 scale figure by the vehicle that shows how well they scale up.

    Price: $65.00