New O Scale Products

  • RTK-O-13

    Here we have a new wrecker that is a on a pickup body. The crane on the back will fit on any pickup body after you remove the pickup body. These small wreckers were at most small gas stations or garages. This is what you did before there was triple A service. Truck comes built and painted and weathered. Check out the new crane on the back. Allow up to two weeks delivery time depending on stock on hand.

  • RRMT-O-02

    Here is our latest truck crane kit. Made to fit any small pickup body once you remove the bed. This is a kit that you have to assemble and comes with complete instructions. All resin casting and comes unpainted.

  • RRPR-O-14

    Here is Bob a great listener and watcher. You know the guy always looking over your shoulder. All resin castings and comes unpainted.

  • RRSP-O-07

    Here are the main parts you need for a blacksmith shop. You get the forge the hood that goes over the forge and a stump with an anvil. Figure not included just to show size and castings are unpainted.

  • RRBJP-O-07

    Here we have a new junk pile that would look great behind a foundry or machine shop. Also a great junk pile for your mine site. Check out the detail on the castings like the old mine car etc. Castings come unpainted.

  • RRBP-O-02

    Here we have a set of castings that are dust collectors that were mounted on the roof or the side of a manufacturing building. You add these to existing building on your layout to add to the detail. Castings come unpainted. .

  • RRBS-O-13

    Here we have a set of luggage to place on your railroad station platform. The set comes with two suitcases in different sizes and one trunk.

  • RRBP-O-01

    Here is a first set of factory vents to add to your buildings. More stuff to come.

  • RRTK-O-04

    Here is a road oilier truck weathered and ready to go on your layout. These were common back in the day to spread waste oil on dirt roads to keep the dust down.

  • RRSP-O-06

    John Deere 1 1/2 HP hit-n-miss gasoline engine.These engines were used in shops and farm to complete daily tasks. All resin casting and comes unpainted.

  • RRBS-O-03

    Metal milk cans this set will give you several castings to make a nice diorama of everyday farm delivery to market using the local railroad. All resin casting and comes unpainted.

  • RRWB-O-08

    Corner Workbench check out the detail on the bench and under the bench. All resin casting and comes unpainted.

  • RRMT-O-07

    Here are the parts you need to build a road oilier on any truck body.


New HO Scale Products

  • RRBS-H-01

    Here is a lot of 30 separate small boxes the will fit on and freight dock or warehouse. Also I have had requests to build castings of boxes in open box cars. The problem being that with all the different cars hard to make something that fits all. So this way you can make you own load with these boxes. Castings are resin and come unpainted.

  • RRBS-H-02

    Here we have created castings of 4 stacks of boxes for the freight house or warehouse. You get four different stacks of boxes. Castings are resin and come unpainted.

  • RRS-H-15

    This is a small train depot that will fit any small town setting. You also get three passengers and their luggage. The casting measures 5 by 2 1/2" by 2 1/2" tall. Requires some minir assembly. All resin casting and comes unpainted.

  • RRBP-H-02

    Here we have some Dust Collectors that will fit on the roof and side of your shops and factories. You get one of each. Castings come unpainted.

  • RRBP-H-01

    For the HO crowd this time we have a created the O scale building vents in HO scale had a lot of HO guys asking for these. You see the three vent and you get two of each so six vents in all. Also get ready for some cool window sets coming. Castings come unpainted.

  • RRMA-H-08

    Here is a set of castings for the maritime dock scenes you get a stack of row boats and lobster traps and some lose lobster traps to put where you want and other castings. a lot of castings for a reasonable price. Castings come unpainted.

  • RRS-H-13

    Here we havve a home garage the would look great behind any house. The garage doors can be open or shut and 1940 ford can be sticking out. This is a half truck casting. Nice detail and small foot print. All resin castings and comes unprinted.

  • RRWB-H-11

    Here is a great little piece of detail for your shop, a workbench that fits in the center of the shop not against the wall. A lot of detail even under under the workbench. This little guy will be an eye catcher.

  • RRWB-H-12

    Here is a great little set of three small workbenchs for your shop. The little workbenches could be put on a wall or a shed just add legs or braces. This little guy will be an eye catcher.

  • RRMS-H-02

    Here is the start of several modules for the Lucky Lady Mining company. This scene shows a lot of detail check out the pictures in the details. You see the mining track in scene will connect to a Head Frame and hoist house on one end and a small stamp mill on the other end.

  • RRMN-H-01

    Want to make your own mine Here is a set that includes 2 mine cars one empty and one full with ore. Also comes with 4 pieces of track 2 straight and 2 curved.

  • RRS-H-07

    HO open shed w/interior. Just check out the details on the workbench and walls.

  • RRJP-H-37

    Here is a is a great deal on a set of 8 different junk piles that can go anywhere. Also 3 new little junk piles in this set. all castings are sold unpainted.