O Scale People

  • RRPR-O-01

    Sitting Person a lot of action in the figure. All resin casting and comes unpainted. The figure now has positional arms.

  • RRPR-O-02

    Here is the next O scale figure called 'Slim Jim'. This guy can fit in anywhere on your layout. The casting comes unpainted. NEW MOLD COMING SOON.

  • RRPR-O-03

    Here is the new figure MAX. This tuff guy can go anywhere, so check him out. Comes unpainted.

  • RRPR-O-04

    Here is Bill the tractor driver this guy is in 4 separate pieces. You assemble the legs, torso and arms you can position him as you wish. Also if have a hairdryer you can heat him up and change him how every you want. The casting comes unpainted.

  • RRPR-O-05

    Here is the first figure from a 3D printer that is a resin printer. This is Susann the farmer's daughter, as you can see the detail is off the charts even the fingers are separate on the raised hand. You can see the bows in back of here apron and of course barefoot since you only wore your good shoes for church on Sunday.

  • RRPR-O-06

    Here is the next figure printed on my new Form 2 printer. Lady with the broom. She is wearing the normal 1930 everyday work dress of a house wife. You will notice the apron that they wore. The broom is separate. Casting is sold unpainted.

  • RRPR-O-07

    Here is a new O scale 'ED'. Just a good old boy from the 1930's by his Ford pickup. The master for ED was printed on the 3D printer. All resin casting and comes unpainted.

  • RRPR-O-08

    This is a new O scale figure. When he was a little guy he picked up the nickname 'Tiny' and it stuck with him. As you can see he is a big boy. Figure come with the left arm positional so you can change the pose. The master for Tiny was printed on the 3D printer. All resin casting and comes unpainted.