RRJP-O-02 New O Scale Junk Pile

Here we have a junk pile that would look good in the back of an industry example mining or logging shops or even out in a field be itself.

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RRJP-H-02 New HO Scale Junk Pile

Our new junk pile that will look good behind your shop or just out in a field by itself. You can see in the pictures how easy to blend with your scenery.

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RRSP-O-35 New O Scale Electric Motors

Here you have 3 electric motors for your shop or any business.

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RRJP-H-36 New HO Scale Junk Pile

Here is a is a small junk pile that will fit in a small place with an old tank and plenty of junk.

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RRTK-H-07 New HO Scale Truck Conversions

This is a set of four different truck bodies you can add to you existing trucks like Jordan or wheel work trucks.

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RRTK-H-06 New HO Scale Truck Conversions

Here is a truck with a pipe load on the bed. Great little background item for you truck guys.

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RRPR-O-08 New O Scale Person

When he was a little guy he picked up the nickname 'Tiny' and it stuck with him. As you can see he is a big boy.

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