RRSP-O-01 New O Scale Air Compressor

This is a portable air compressor that can be used in a shop or out in the field.

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RRBS-O-02 New O Scale Wheel Barrow

Here is a wooden wheel barrow great for any scene that you need a little more detail.

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RRBS-O-03 New O Scale Flywheels

Here we have a set of three different sized flywheel that are used for steam engines.

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RRS-H-02 New HO Scale Lumber Camp Cook House

Here is our new HO scale lumber camp cook house.

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RRWB-H-10 New HO Scale Workbench

This is a set of four different truck bodies you can add to you existing trucks like Jordan or wheel work trucks.

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RRSP-O-03 New O Scale Drill Press

This is our first offering of a 3D printed part. The drill press has all its levers and the smallest detail.

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